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ADR & VO - Dialogue Editing & Restoration

ADR - Audio Dialogue Replacement

Dialogue Editing & Restoration

For those dialog tracks that are beyond repair or cannot be salvaged from production, unlike those examples above then we have the option of re-recording the actors voice over in our recording booth, synced to picture. An actor watches his or her performance on the screen and then re-creates each line to match the emotion of their performance and lip movements. Another aspect of ADR is the over-dub, which can be in the original language or 'over-dubbed' in a foreign language, to match once again the performance of the actor. 

The Director can see and talk directly to the performer in the booth from our main studio room thus being able to convey any 'performance wishes or ideas' to the actor in the booth as they perform live.

Tip: always give yourself a little more time when recording ADR as variations on recording takes will give you a choice of different performances to choose from later on.

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