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5.1 Mixing or Stereo

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Film Mix in Stereo or 5.1.

Music Mixing in 5.1.

Designed for the budget conscious film, our complete film dub mixing has however helped many major films onto the big screen; alternatively, for the big budget movies we have prepped the mix here and completed it at George Lucas's, Skywalker Ranch, as with 'Life After Beth' (2014), in a very streamlined work process. Whichever, we offer the complete package here: sound design/foley, ADR, audio restoration and repair, dialog editing, mix and any deliverables you may need like Dialog, Music & Effects.


TIP: Save the D, M & E costs for when the film gets picked up in distribution to save costs on the initial mix.


We offer a QC guarantee based on our workmanship! Don't be put in the situation as in the example below.


“Pass QC the first time around. We won’t let your audio fail QC like this catastrophic result, where the audio was mixed in another studio and had to be sent to us to be fixed to pass QC! - needless to say the movie had to be remixed"

With hundreds of music mixes already in many movies, A list film scores, jazz and 100 piece orchestra through to pop, our mixing and production experience in many varied music styles allows us to offer a wide palette of added musical creativity for your production. BMG, SONY MUSIC, UNIVERSAL, DISNEY, NICKELODEON DREAMWORKS, all seem to think so. 

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