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Andrew Spence - Owner & Head Engineer

As a sound engineer, sound designer and mixer, Andrew has 20 years of expertise in audio mixing, sound design and audio post-production, with a Grammy submission in 2012 and over 1500 productions and endless more mixes in the can, Andrew has worked with major artists and film directors such as Sam Raimi, Jonny Depp, Bruce Robinson, John Amiel, Disney, Lakeshore Films, Ghost House Pictures, Universal, Warner, Sony Films, to name but a few. Andrew has had experience working in the Analog and Digital domains, leading teams of engineers in ‘in-house’ productions around the world. Andrew has a wide variety of experience in audio post production for TV, Film and Music Mixing.

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“Doesn't matter how much great equipment you have if you don't have the ears and attention to detail!”

Andrew created his newest L.A. studio complex in 2008, which offers a chance to bring high quality expert audio production at an affordable price to the demand of the rapidly increasing indie-production market. Near to the world famous ‘Venice Beach’, the studio is a one-stop shop for all of your audio production needs.

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