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Student Films

audio post production los angeles

Welcome student film makers! 


We understand that you will be our customers of the future, so we would like to help you every step of the way. If your budget doesn't allow for the 'big package' then we take pride in our great pricing deals for your student project with guaranteed high quality results. We are a UCLA approved vendor. Valid student i.d. and school referral is required.


The same Sundance, Slamdance award winning mix quality is ready for your movie too!



Audio Tips for STudent Film Makers

Test your sound first!

Camera sound is less than ideal but if you are using camera sound then conduct a microphone and sound test first to adjust levels so that the recorded sound isn't in the red and distorting! Even better try and keep sound distortion to a minimum by getting a sound guy that has some "in the field" experience, this way you will have a sound track that is usable in the post production audio process saving you headaches, time and money. Call me, Andrew 310-895 3056 for a sound person recommendation if you are having problems. 


Quiet on Set

Always have "quiet on set" and be aware of unwanted background noises during shooting - especially the electric drill or fighter jet that appears in the dialog of your love scene! 


Careful when editing sound

Keep audio at 48 KHz/24 bit - (16 bit works too) and work cleanly when editing audio in Final Cut or Avid taking care to have only the tracks open that pertain to your project. 


Music Copyright

Try and use music that don't require clearance of rights such as 'mega famous songs' or 'scores' as this becomes tricky for festivals. 

Go for a 'great stereo mix' at the mixing stage first before a more costly 5.1 mix.


Good luck and we've got your back!


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