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Film Audio Mastering Using Analog and Digital Equipment

Prices starting at $500 for stereo and $750 for 5.1


Ever wondered how the big 'Block Buster Movies" get that big sound - well having the audio mastered after the mix is completed is a great way to bring optimal loudness, definition, punch and clarity to your movie - 5.1 or stereo.

About Mastering

Mastering is not a 'generic setting' but has to be applied whilst taking in to consideration the style of movie, action, horror, romantic comedy etc. Equipment is important, however, the ears and the skill of the mastering engineer bring about the magic. Generally speaking, mastering can fix a whole series of issues from: excessive booming basses to wall paper peeling high frequencies or aggressive mids that can be tamed and adjusted making the movie audio more enjoyable.


The loudness wars are raging but being louder doesn't mean the audio track is better. Giving more limiting to an action mix or horror mix for example can add to the overall theatrical effect. A mastered mix should enhance the original mix at the same loudness - just making a mix louder shouldn't be the sole objective.


The mastering of your movie audio in 5.1 or stereo can bring vast improvements and is an important step in giving your movie that extra edge.



Come and relax in our measured room as we need your input on how your master should sound, making sure we are fulfilling your musical expectations, not just ours. Mastering can take time, as mastering is not just about how loud it sounds. Rest assured, we have competitive pricing that is charged by the project and not by the hour. 


Contact us for more information or make an appointment to come by and check out the studio.

Mastering includes:

• Optimization of average/peak volume levels for      correct relative loudness for Theater, DV or Blu Rey
• Signal Processing compression, limiting, EQ as required
• Find the ‘Sonic’ feel for the movie
• Removal of noise like clicks, pops, hiss


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