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African Drivers Documentary

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Horseshoe Theory

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Rerecording 5.1 Mix

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Welcome to our post production audio website. We are a professional, Full Service Audio Post Production facility, based in Venice, Los Angeles, where your movie, 3D project, commercial or documentary will get the high quality audio post production attention that it deserves.  - All at competitive rates - specializing in 5.1/7.1 mix, sound design, foley, dialog editing, ADR, remote VO recording, and a custom music score department -- all under one roof! 

"We don't just use a Pro Tools rig, but went a step further and honed in our signature sound by adding NEVE 88RS channels on our Pro Tools rig, like the big mixing desk from SKYWALKER RANCH that mixed Star Wars and countless others -  we went the extra mile so your mix will sound amazing and set apart from the mundane sounding out of the box mixes. Your mix will sound great - guaranteed!"


Andrew has worked on many A-list movies including :   


- 2019 Multiple festival winner, best sound design for the documentary Lion Lights

- 2018 Oscar winning 'Icarus

- 2018 Freak Show Horror Film Festival Jury Award for 'Ballet Blanc' 

- Sam Raim's 'Drag Me To Hell' 

- Grammy submitted in 2012 for work on Johnny Depp's, 'The Rum Diary' and so many more

Please see a full list here on

Our team is committed to thoroughly meet our client's expectations in every way with studios. Whatever is needed, Sundance, Slamdance and film festival ready work, Theater or Blu-ray, we are aware of the demands and deadlines of the industry and have developed a reputation for quality, speed and dependability

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